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  • It was a really wonderful journey which I began in December and ended in March. I lost almost 10 kgs, something I never expected to do. Kudos to M/S Lite Life by Foraum Savla and her dedication towards her work. It’s because of her that I feel light and happy with myself.
    I thank her and her staff very much.
    Ankita Savla
  • It was a wonderful experience for me. In spite of my problems with PCOS, I nearly lost 10 kgs in a short time period. Although the diet was rigid, I was very happy that I lost so much weight in such a short time. Foraum was of great help whenever I need something.
    Archana Patel
  • I am very satisfied with my weight loss and the treatment provided at M/S Lite Life. I would like to thank Dr. Foraum for her constant support, as well as Asha and Deepak for their cooperation.
    Hemali Hogri


Jinal Shah

Jay Shah

I have completed 3 sessions at Mrs. Foraum Savla’s center and lost a total of 40 kgs. When I started my first session, I thought I would have to starve or go on a crash diet or workout excessively to shed the extra kilos. But to my surprise, the only workout required was walking for an hour every day and the diet was very well planned and sufficient meals were provided at regular intervals which made me feel full and energetic throughout the day. There was no tragic weight loss or weakness. The weight loss was about 1.5-2 kgs per week. The diet plan not only helps you to lose weight but to also eat wisely. After the diet program was over, it has been two years now and I am following the maintenance program as explained by Foraum and it has helped me to maintain my weight very well.

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