What is Stress Management

What is Stress?
Stress is body’s way to react to any adjustment or response. The body reacts to stress physically, mentally, and emotionally.
You can experience stress from the environment, your body or your thoughts.


Loss of job, conflicts, increasing financial obligations, chronic ailments and injury, emotional issues such as long standing anger, grief, guilt, low self esteem.


Frequent colds, flu, headache, insomnia (trouble in sleeping), muscle tension, skin diseases, IBS (irritable bowel syndrome)

Our Capability

  • We can treat stress by giving healthy diet, where we include certain foods that take care of the stress.
  • We regulate clients’ lifestyle which includes diet and exercise balance.
  • We manage stress with counseling, NLP techniques, and other counseling techniques.
  • We perform earlobe simulation through which the mind of the patient relaxes and hence helps to manage the stress levels.
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